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Why Twitter works so well for Bipolar people (and how best to use it)

Although this account is new, I have been on Twitter in both my individual professional capacity, but also representing my company through their marketing account for some time now. I have been very impressed by its capabilities and – although still very much a novice to social media – am a strong advocate to its immense benefit.

But whilst Twitter connects and helps people worldwide of any background or disposition, I want to argue that it works particularly well for people with Bipolar disorder. There are four main reasons why I believe that this is the case:

  • It enables effective output across changing moods. I think this is the most useful thing about Twitter – you can ride your moods with it. Through Tweetdeck, you can write and queue lots of interesting links, important opinions and statements. So when you are going through a time where you are more energetic and inspired, you can get lots down and plan in advance for less motivated times. In other ways of working - writing a diary for example - it is all in real time, and so productivity lulls when you are too down or too up to be as able. Twitter rides these storms well.
  • It enables communication and connection with others. Let’s face it: Bipolar Disorder isn’t always the most social reality. When you’re up, you can sometimes be very talkative and lively. You could also be quite irritable. When you’re down, you can be more introverted. In your every day life, it can alienate others that do not ‘get’ you. However, through the internet – and through Twitter in particular – we can communicate on our own terms. We can also open up to meet people who understand us, who would like to understand us, and others that simply are attracted to all the individual interests, thoughts and feelings that makes each individual person great.
  • It allows for creativity. People with Bipolar Disorder tend to be more creative, one way or another. Whilst some display a more artistic temperament, others enjoy successes through ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. Twitter is a launch pad to connect you and your followers to your own creative work: showcasing writing on blogs, art through photographs, video through Youtube or Vimeo. It also allows these users to experience, find and relate to other creative work and thinking, which in turn inspires and promotes innovative output.
  • It spreads ideas, informs and links like-minded people together. That is my main reason for this account: to meet and learn from others with Bipolar or working within the mental health sphere; to share positivity and hope to empower and enable other people with the Bipolar diagnosis; to inform others who have people with Bipolar Disorder as family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Oh and have a little rant about my day to day life along the way…
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